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- You don't have Photoshop?  You don't know how to use and edit graphic templates? 

- Would you like to enhance your photos with great looking frames?

- Would you love to create custom gifts for your relatives and friends?


Take advantage of our Custom Design Services. We can do it all for you. It's only $14.99 per project!

We can create any works based on any template from our store (Digital Frames, Invitations, Announcements, Greeting Cards, Covers, Portraits, etc).

Would you like more than one project? Contact us with any request. We work individually with each customer and offer  valuable discounts.

See sample custom designs here.


Step 1

- Browse our templates categories from the site menu

- Anytime you like a template press the button (Add to Custom Design List)

- Return to this page and fill the order form below. Your favorite templates will be now in your templates list.

- Add your texts, comments and select the template you wish us to use for your project. 

- Upload your own photos and proceed to checkout.

Step 2

- We create your own custom design based on your requests using your photos, texts and selected template. Processing time is 48 hours.

- We email you the results in a JPG file. We will revise it in case you have any additional requests.

Step 3

- You print the obtained file. You can take it to any local store (i.e. Walmart, Office Depot, Walgreens, etc) and pick up your custom design.

Please note:

- A project is based on one template and can contain up to 3 customer photos.

-Try to select the template close to the same colors your photos backgrounds are. This way your own photos will visually better integrate with the template.

-The higher quality and resolution your photos are, the better prints your will get. Low resolution photos will distort while printing.



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